Data Theorem Integrations

Data Theorem provides several kinds of integrations, as well as APIs for creating your own integrations.

The following sections are organized by what you may be trying to accomplish by integrating with one of Data Theorem’s APIs.

However, if you are going to build an integration with one of our APIs, read API Conventions first. It explains the conventions that Data Theorem follows for all of our APIs, as well as how to authenticate to our APIs.

API Security Integrations

  • The API Security Results API (beta) provides access to the API, Cloud, and Web assets discovered by API Discover, as well as their Policy Violations from API Inspect. Note: This API is still considered to be in Beta, and it may change without notice.
  • API/Cloud/Web Security Webhooks (beta) Sends webhooks to external services triggered by API/Cloud/Web Security events like Policy Violations. Note: Webhooks are still considered to be in Beta and may change without notice.

Mobile Security Integrations

Providing Data Theorem With Pre-production Builds of your Mobile Apps

Data Theorem automatically scans builds of your apps in the app stores. However, to use Data Theorem’s Mobile Security offering to its full effectiveness, you need to send pre-production builds, along with supplementary information like credentials, to Data Theorem for analysis.

See the Mobile Security DevOps API section for more information on how to send builds of your Mobile apps to Data Theorem.

Working With Your Mobile Apps’ Security Issues

  • Mobile Security issues can be automatically pushed to Jira. See the Jira Integration page for more details.
  • The Mobile Security Results API, which provides access to the list of all mobile apps registered within your Data Theorem account and the list of security issues found during the scans.
  • Data Theorem’s Mobile Security API client library provides a reference client for accessing the Mobile Security Results API:

Examining Potential “Clone” Apps in unofficial App Stores

  • The Mobile Security: Phishing API (beta) provides access to the list of mobile apps discovered by Mobile Phishing in various unofficial app stores, along with Data Theorem’s analysis of the potential threat those apps may pose to your organization.

Programmatic User Management in Data Theorem’s Portal

  • The Management API provides access to data related to users registered with your Data Theorem account.